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We create clean bath time products designed with your daily beauty and wellness routine in mind. Here you’ll find our curation of luxe bath bombs, shots, splashes and soaks. Or make your own with our special DIY kits or in-studio workshops.  

We take bath time seriously because whilst a bath can't change your life, it will lift it.

One of the first self-indulging rituals (thank you, Cleopatra), today we know a soak in the tub offers similar benefits to the body as exercise does, from lowering blood pressure and inflammation to balancing hormones and soothing muscles, joints and bones. But more than that, it calms, beautifies, revives and rejuvenates mind and body. 

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At Batherapy, we understand that despite our best intentions, stress, anxiety and juggling busy lifestyles can affect how we feel and look. One of the best beauty and wellness boosters is a bath's soothing effects that last well beyond the moment you step out of the tub.

Bathing is a moment of me-time in the mornings, gently waking body and mind for the day ahead. At night, it warms you up, and when you hop out of the bath, it cools your body down slightly, lowering your body temperature letting it know it's time for sleep.

Alone time is the best time for healing. This doesn't mean sitting watching Netflix or sitting in bed and eating a whole bar of chocolate, but rather precious guilt-free time to pamper and indulge yourself.

That's where Batherapy comes in. We are all about investing in rest and creating a ritual around bathing. Our unique bathing products, blends and experiences are designed to soothe, calm, beautify and transport you for mind, body and beauty benefits. Peruse our range of products, book a studio session with friends and make your own, or DIY it with a Batherapy kit at home.

We are all about taking care of you your way.

Come soak it up.

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